Urban Slice Factory

Service Offered: Brand Rollout

Urban Slice Branding Identity Mockup 08-33-44-750
Urban Slice BCard Mockup
Urban Slice Hanging Wall Sign MockUp
Bifold Brochure Mockup Urban Slice 1
Bifold Brochure Mockup Urban Slice 2
Urban Slice Cup_Mockup

The Urban Slice Factory is a business that creates homemade slices with an array of tantalising flavours. As a wholesaler wishing to expand their business to cater for larger orders, Urban Slice Factory teamed up with us for a brand rollout to accompany this expansion.
As a business stemming from the passion and adventurous spirit of the founders, they wanted the new brand to be unique, modern, fun, and friendly. In colour psychology, teal blue embodies life and enjoyment, which makes it the perfect colour for Urban Slice Factory’s new brand.
The cut through the word ‘slice’ and the angled lines on the sides of the brand replicates the action of cutting through their delicious, unique sweet treats. The font type identifies Urban Slice Factory as a trendy business eager to deliver a quality product that is ready to be eaten.