Redefining Success: How Breast Cancer Diagnosis Transformed D&Co Studio

By Kate Dewey Introduction In the competitive world of design and branding, success is often defined by awards, client lists, and financial figures. But what if success could mean something more profound? What if it meant resilience, purpose, and the ability to make a real difference? In my journey as the founder of D&Co Studio, […]

Why Copyright ownership is essential for your brand.

Do you own your brand assets? You may want to double check, because under copyright law in Australia, the creator of a logo is assigned the rights to a brand. This means that the graphic designer or agency that created your logo usually owns the copyright to your logo. Even though you’ve paid for the […]

Good or Bad Branding: how to know the difference.

Branding encompasses more than just a logo, website, or business card. It goes beyond the colours and typefaces you choose to represent your business. It’s about the feeling that accompanies every interaction a person has with your company. It’s the lasting impression you leave with customers when they visit your store, talk to your representatives, […]

Why you shouldn’t DIY your logo

At D&Co Studio, we strongly believe in fostering creativity and involving our clients in every step of the branding process. We understand the appeal of wanting to DIY your logo – it’s an exciting endeavour to unleash your creativity and showcase your vision to the world! However, it’s important to recognise that attempting to create […]