Sarah Henderson MP

Project outline

Brand Rollout
Graphic Design
Print Design
Digital Design
Campaign Strategy

The project

Sarah Henderson, Federal Member of Parliament for Corangamite, collaborated with us to invigorate her brand and campaign.

As a member of Parliament, Sarah advocates and acts on behalf of the people of Corangamite in the areas of job creation, infrastructure, environment and community.

Her new brand was created based on Sarah’s core values, not only as a person, but as the Federal Member for Corangamite. These values are represented through the usage of colour and type, along with other supporting visual elements.

Blue has been used as it is the brand colour for the Liberal Party, whilst green was introduced to represent the environment. The typefaces that were used were chosen because they were easy to read and had a friendly feel.

It was important that all material created communicated Sarah’s values and her vision for Corangamite. Due to the large area that her material is distributed to, everything produced needed to be friendly and professional and also easy to understand.

From her brand redesign, Sarah can go forth and campaign for things that are important to the people of Corangamite. It is vital that her brand enables her to do this as it ensures that she can be proactive and deliver results.

Sarah has given extremely positive feedback for her brand rollout. D and Co will be working with Sarah as her brand strategy advisor for her 2016 campaign.

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