Logicus AI

ClientLogicus AI Services Brand CreationGraphic DesignDigital DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2024 Introduction At D&Co Studio, we had the privilege of partnering with Logicus AI to craft their new brand identity, reflecting their pioneering spirit in the realm of Generative AI. Client Brief The goal was to design a brand that encapsulates Logicus AI’s mission to empower […]

Bace Australia

Bace logo design

ClientBace Australia Services Brand CreationGraphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2021 Introduction Bace Australia is a burgeoning skincare brand committed to delivering effective, Australian-made skincare products that accentuate natural beauty while maintaining ethical standards. With a focus on cruelty-free formulations enriched with active ingredients, Bace Australia aims to embody honesty, credibility, and femininity in its brand essence. […]

Naturally Cos

Naturally Cos Logo Design

ClientNaturally Cos Services Brand CreationGraphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2023 Introduction: D&Co Studio had the privilege to collaborate with Naturally COS, a pioneering force in the realm of organic skincare. Founded by Rebecca Castano Mander in 2010 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Naturally COS, formerly known as Celebratzio Organic Skincare, has garnered acclaim for its unwavering […]

That Laundry Place

That Laundry Place Logo design

ClientThat Laundry Place Services Brand CreationGraphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2023 That Laundry Place engaged D&Co Studio in the creation of a new brand identity that would resonate with their unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and service. Recognising the importance of establishing a strong visual foundation for their new business, That Laundry Place sought the expertise […]


Co-operty Logo design

ClientCo-operty Services Brand Rolllout Graphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2023 D&Co Studio had the privilege of collaborating with Co-operty, a visionary organization committed to realizing the Australian dream of home ownership for the next generation through innovative co-ownership solutions. Co-operty approached us with a well-defined brand identity but sought our expertise in crafting a compelling visual […]

Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia

ClientCo-operty Services Brand Rolllout Graphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2023 In 2021, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) recognised the need for a brand revitalisation to better align with its status as the peak multidisciplinary body for sports medicine, sports science, and physical activity in Australia. D&Co Studio was enlisted to leverage existing brand elements, such as shapes […]

Studio B Media

Studio B Media Logo design

ClientStudio B Media Services Brand CreationGraphic DesignPrint DesignPrint Services Year2023 Studio B Media, a premier broadcast-quality video and audio production studio catering to large corporates and ASX-listed companies, sought a brand identity that encapsulated their commitment to excellence and innovation. The challenge was to visually represent their role as the missing piece in high-end media […]

Redefining Success: How Breast Cancer Diagnosis Transformed D&Co Studio

By Kate Dewey Introduction In the competitive world of design and branding, success is often defined by awards, client lists, and financial figures. But what if success could mean something more profound? What if it meant resilience, purpose, and the ability to make a real difference? In my journey as the founder of D&Co Studio, […]

Why Copyright ownership is essential for your brand.

Do you own your brand assets? You may want to double check, because under copyright law in Australia, the creator of a logo is assigned the rights to a brand. This means that the graphic designer or agency that created your logo usually owns the copyright to your logo. Even though you’ve paid for the […]

Good or Bad Branding: how to know the difference.

Branding encompasses more than just a logo, website, or business card. It goes beyond the colours and typefaces you choose to represent your business. It’s about the feeling that accompanies every interaction a person has with your company. It’s the lasting impression you leave with customers when they visit your store, talk to your representatives, […]