As D and Co’s founder, Kate has seen the company grow from fledgling idea to the studio
that it is today. Her role involves overseeing the creative process and business development and generally keeping things running smoothly. Sitting at the helm of the D and Co’s creative team, she leads the design and branding process with great passion, enthusiasm and energy. Kate is a talented designer and art director in her own right, having worked for the likes of Geelong Grammar, KBB Digital, Sarah Henderson MP and Barwon Timber. She is known for her enthusiastic, can-do attitude and appreciation for all things design.


Ruth graduated from the RMIT University and is known for providing innovative and thoughtful
design solutions to our clients. Ruth has worked with the likes of Australian Grand Prix on their marketing campaigns. She specialises in delivering excellence in brand identity, re-brands, graphic design and editorial layout. Ruth brings fierce design talent and infectious enthusiasm to the operation and we are lucky to have her as part of our team.


Ronnie is D and Co's mascot. He is in charge of office morale and ensuring that the team members take regular breaks so he gets his belly rub. He is also in charge of taste testing the studio's stash of Schmacko treats at every given opportunity.